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Eco-friendly, sustainable & ethical swimwear

Matilda Cove is a fashion label launched online in June 2018 by Sunshine Coast sisters Peggy and Challee which has since established itself among Australia's best sustainable swimwear brands.

Peggy and Challee have a passion for promoting confidence, individuality and positivity. They created Matilda Cove to design swimwear for women who are bold, daring and fun-loving.

Matilda Cove's eco-friendly bikinis and one-piece swimsuits seek to provide you with opportunities for celebrating your body and your individuality.

Made in Australia for the lifestyle we loveInspired by the quintessential Australian lifestyle that is authentically connected to outdoor activity, Matilda Cove's eco-luxe swimwear reflects the ‘Down Under’ casual, fun-loving and confident culture while being purposefully designed to be wearable in different environments – from the beach to the bar and beyond.

Within Matilda Cove's collections you will find luxury, show-stopping garments that can be worn on the sand, in the surf, on the street or to evening events and outings. For example, our one-pieces are not only perfect for swimming or relaxing on the beach but also double up as bodysuits that can be worn casually or for dressy occasions. Add a skirt or tailored pants, sling on a jacket, and you can wear our swimwear to work, a meeting or just about anywhere!

Swimwear made from ocean waste, designed without compromise on style or substance

With this in mind, Matilda Cove designs are for the modern, empowered woman. The woman who wants it all – not just an outrageously beautiful aesthetic, but social responsibility in terms of a brand’s global footprint on the environment and on women’s lives in general.

To this end, Matilda Cove has sourced luxury quality fabrics made from recycled fabrics made from ocean waste – fishing nets and other rubbish. This means a cleaner ocean with every garment sold.

The label is also committed to sustainable production values and, as such, all garments are made in Australia where worker conditions are protected by law. Just like their customers, Matilda Cove won’t compromise on style or substance